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This series of online lectures explores the physical and social form of cities

It covers theories about the form that settlements should take and attempts a distinction between descriptive and normative theory by examining examples of various theories of city form over time.

The lecture series consists of three sections:

  • The nature of city form theory
  • The modern city and its genesis in northern Europe in the late eighteenth–century
  • Current theory and practice, in particular on city form process, spatial and social structure, and form models

The graduate-level course was taught in spring 2013 on the MIT campus and includes 26 video lectures as well as further lecture notes (available here).


Dozent: Prof. Julian Beinart
Bereitgestellt von: MIT
Kurssprache: Englisch
Kosten: kostenlos
Level: Vorkenntnisse
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Format: Vorlesungsvideo

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