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This online course (MOOC) gives an introduction to circuits and electronics.  These technologies are required in the design of microchips and are used in every smartphone and computer.

Participants of this course will learn about topics such as:

  • resistive elements and networks;
  • circuit analysis methods including KVL, KCL and the node method;
  • independent and dependent sources;
  • linearity, superposition,
  • Thevenin & Norton methods;
  • digital abstraction, combinational gates; 
  • MOSFET switches and small signal analysis.

The course takes 6 weeks (5 h/week) and is one of the most popular MOOCs (massive open online courses) on the edX platform with more than 100,000 participants so far.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Teacher: Anant Agarwal
Provided by: edX
Course language: English
Fees: free course
Level: beginner
Certificate possible? (fee)
Format: MOOC/online course

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