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Batteries and Fuel Cells for the Cars of Tomorrow: New Online Course on edX

Electric vehicles are likely to be the cars of the future. They require highly efficient batteries. A new online course explains why they are important, and how they work.

The scope of renewable technologies continues to expand, especially in terms of electromobility and energy. Electric vehicles are in high demand, not only in the world´s largest automotive market (China).Therefore, the need to store and efficiently utilize energy is of utmost importance. There is... more


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Are There Fair Solutions to Environmental Problems? This New Online Course Explains the Answer.

Injustice can be a key cause of environmental problems. A new MOOC explores what this means and shows how fair solutions may be created.

Environmental problems such as climate change or deforestation are being widely discussed. In most cases, scientists and politicians focus on the technological solutions to these issues, such as implementing the most efficient renewable energy source.But there may be other aspects... more


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Exploring the "FinTech Revolution" With a New Online Course by Copenhagen Business School

The Finance industry is undergoing a dramatic digital transformation. A new MOOC by leading digitalization experts explores these changes in detail.

The Financial Services industry is changing rapidly. Upcoming FinTech companies from around the world are valued at billions of dollars and threaten the business models of incumbent banks and investment advisors. Digital technology changes the rules of the game everywhere.At the same time,... more


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Thousands of Learners Worldwide Explore the Challenges of Urbanization in This New MOOC

In a previous online course, 20,000 students from 165 countries already learned about urban development. In a new MOOC, students will now explore the examples of Amsterdam, Beijing, and Kampala (Uganda).

Amsterdam´s AMS Institute is managed by three well-known universities. Its main focus is sustainable metropolitan solutions in a rapidly urbanizing world. Challenging topics such as water, waste, energy and mobility play a key role in its activities. With its educational program, it aims to... more


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The Edukatico Learning Schedule: 10 Selected Online Courses in October!

Below is a list of 10 selected video courses from different providers that start in October. Available topics include investment banking, electric cars, Chinese medicine and many more.

Many new high-quality online courses from various providers and universities are being launched in October. Having evaluated the range of courses, we list a selection below.Most of the video courses are offered as MOOCs (massive open online courses), which means you can usually learn for free... more


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Early MOOC Activist George Siemens Launches New Course on Open Education (OER)

George Siemens was one of the first educators engaged in the creation of MOOCs (massive open online courses). In his new online course, he explains the opportunities of open education in the digital world.

One of the most interesting aspects of online education is that digital content can be provided to an unlimited number of learners. With digital technology, letting an additional learner participate in an existing online course will not lead to any additional costs. Open Education is One of... more


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Andrew Ng Starts New Deep Learning Courses With Coursera

One of the world's leading experts in Artificial Intelligence wants to make his knowledge accessible to every learner. With this new online course program, he might succeed.

Andrew Ng is a professor at Stanford and previously worked as an expert in Artificial Intelligence with Google and Chinese technology company Baidu. When he recently left Baidu, the company´s market value shrank by more than 1 billion US dollars.As a founder of Coursera, he was also one of the... more


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The Edukatico Learning Schedule: 10 Free Online Courses in July!

Below is a list of 10 free video courses from reputable universities you can take in July. Including courses on Programming, Business Strategy, Nutrition and much more.

Each month, many high-quality online courses from various course providers are being launched. Many of these courses can be accessed for free. (Please note that for most courses, optional exams/certificates are available for a fee.)Below is a list of 10 selected online courses in different... more


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7 Great Online Course Series (from Psychology to Robotics)

Check out these current video course series from top course providers. Learn online in your area of interest!

In the field of high-quality online courses, there are many course packages that teach many details on a specific topic. (In our directory, you can find all 150+ course series here.)Course Series with CertificateThe course series consist of a sequence of 3-5 individual video courses (MOOCs,... more