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How Microcredentials Will Bring Sustainability to The Online Learning Ecosystem

They’ve been hailed as a solution to close the skills gap. How will microcredentials affect the future of online learning?

While full academic online degrees may be the talk of town in the MOOC space, most courses still grant the slimmed-down version of microcredentials to learners. This popular way of rewarding online students should not be disregarded. By continuing on their current growth trajectory,... more


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"STEM Is Everywhere" – A New Online Course for Science Teachers

It can be difficult for science teachers to motivate their students. A new MOOC wants to change that by exploring real-world examples.

There is no doubt that STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are important for the successful development of societies.However, being a STEM teacher can be a difficult job. If students do not appreciate the relevance of scientific insights for their everyday lives, they... more


Normal oktober

New Online Courses Added in October

Various new online courses have been added to our directory in October. Below is a selection of 17 interesting new courses.

The list includes new courses and also courses that were listed in our directory for the first time. Courses are from various providers and universities. They are either free to learn or paid courses. Check out the course details for more information.(More courses are available in our search... more


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MOOC 2.0: Free Degree Courses

Leading online learning providers now offer full university degree programs. Some of the online courses can be accessed free of charge.

Several providers of MOOCs (massive open online courses) have recently published free courses that are part of full university degree programs. Online students can start by taking an introductory online course. Some course participants may then decide to pursue the full degree online.EdX,... more


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Want to Teach an Online Course? Courseography Matches Instructors With Course Providers

For individual experts, it can be difficult to decide which course provider to work with. A start-up from California tries to solve this problem with its course idea discovery platform.

Many online instructors are highly regarded experts in their individual subjects. They teach everything, from programming courses to business and lifestyle topics. Their courses can quickly reach tens of thousands of learners. But starting out as a freelance instructor for a specific subject... more


Normal august

New Online Courses Starting in August

Many free online courses are being launched during the summer months. Learning is free with courses from these leading universities from six countries!

The digital leaders of higher education often spend several months developing new video courses for students, professionals, and lifelong learners.This often results in high quality online courses that also enable learners to take additional exams and get certificates.In general, learning with... more


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Due to On-Campus Success, UC Berkeley Offers Blockchain Courses Online

The two courses on the edX platform are taught by experts from the university's Blockchain team. Read more about the courses in our interview with the instructors!

The University of California, Berkeley, has been operating Blockchain at Berkeley as a student-run organization for several years.The program was created to provide Blockchain education as well as research and consultancy for students and companies.Because of the success of their educational... more


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Understanding Korea: 7 Online University Courses

Various free video courses explain Korean politics, the economy and society. Below is a list of the most relevant courses.

Korea is more than K-pop, kimchi and the Little Rocket Man. Due to current political events, a growing number of people are interested in learning more about the divided country.Various online university courses provide in-depth information on Korean politics and the country's economic and social... more


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New Online Courses For Your Self-Directed Learning in June

More than 100 video courses were recently added to our directory. Below is a list with selected courses.

We are continuously looking for new, high-quality online courses to list them in our directory. We recently added more than 100 courses.The courses often explore technology and computer science topics. But new courses are also being produced in social sciences and humanities. Below you will... more


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10 Free Computer Science Courses for Beginners

The online courses cover popular topics such as programming, web design and data science and have been selected from over 2,000 computer science courses in our directory.

Never have there been more high-quality online CS courses available for self-study.Our course directory already lists over 2,000 computer science courses from various providers.Below we show you 10 currently available free courses on the most popular topics.(Or jump directly to all the CS online... more


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10 Great Online Courses Starting in April

Out of thousands of online courses from our directory, we have selected 10 high-quality courses that are available in April. Topics include data science, social media marketing, the music business, and more.

Thousands of online courses are available on demand. They can easily be searched in our directory.Some courses, however, are only available at certain times. Or they were recently added and start for the first time. We have selected 10 interesting courses from various providers that are... more


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1 Million Online Learners: This UK University Says Growth in Online Learning Is 'Inevitable'

More than a million learners from 150 countries have already enrolled in the University of Leeds' online courses. The University has now identified a trend towards full online degrees.

The University of Leeds is one of the most active institutions in the field of digital education in Europe.On the FutureLearn platform, they have been offering online courses (MOOCs) since 2013. One million learners (and counting) from more than 150 countries have already participated in their... more


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Harvard's CS50 Computer Science for Business Professionals

Harvard's most popular online course about computer science is now available as a business version. It aims to give business professionals a top-down overview of computers and programming.

Harvard University's "Computer Science 50" class is not only one of the most popular courses on campus. Its original online version (via the course platform edX) has had 1+ million students enrolled so far.In its original format, the CS50 online course, taught by Professor David J. Malan, is... more


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Learning to Program with Python: University of Toronto MOOC

Two professors from the University of Toronto teach the fundamental building blocks of programming through an online course. In our interview, they also explain why a debugger is the most important tool for beginners.

The digital transformation in many academic fields and industries requires a general understanding of how computer programs work. Python is one of the most popular programming languages globally (ranked 4th as of January 2018).Two professors from the University of Toronto have therefore... more


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Cyber Security: Learn About Online Privacy, Payment Safety and Security of Smart Devices

With growing issues over our privacy online and security on the Internet, what do you need to know about cyber security? This online course provides the answers.

What is Internet privacy? Are online payments really safe? And what are the cyber risks of new smart devices?An online course from Newcastle University entitled "Cyber Security: Safety at Home, Online, in Life" highlights the issues we are all facing and helps learners appreciate the knowledge... more


Normal februar

New Online Courses in February (from Universities, Boot Camps and Digital Experts)

Below is a list of 20 new video courses from different providers that are available in February. Topics include Computer Science, Business, Engineering, and more.

Many new online courses are being launched in February. The courses come from various providers and universities.We have evaluated the broad range of topics and list some interesting courses below.(Too many courses?Organize them with our free course manager!Or search even more courses in our... more


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Introduction to HTML and Java: Check Out Our Updated Course Lists!

Many beginners start their coding careers with HTML or Java. We have compiled lists of selected video courses to learn online.

HTML is the most popular web language used to design websites. It allows content to be shown on internet pages.Due to the widespread use and importance of HTML, there are many sources available online to learn the basics with tutorials and comprehensive online courses.Use HTML to Create Your Own... more


Normal strategy

Not Sure What to Learn About Next? Uju from Nigeria Will Learn Online About Business Strategy

We have asked an online student who is planning to learn about business strategy and digital marketing to tell uns about her experience.

Uju O. from Nigeria has attended business online courses before. For example, she has participated in a course on entrepreneurship offered by the University of Pennsylvania via the Coursera platform.Which Online Courses Does She Want To Do Next?First, Uju would like to take an online course on... more


Normal capitalism

Learn Online about the History of Capitalism: New MOOC from Princeton University

A new online course from Ivy League member Princeton University explores the history and future of capitalism. Learners from 90 countries around the world have already signed up for the course.

Many Western societies take it for granted: But will capitalism as a system really be sustainable in the long run?A new MOOC (massive open online course) from Princeton University on the edX platform explores capitalism´s global development.The online course has been designed by a young team of... more


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Not Sure What to Learn About Next? Trung Kien from Vietnam Will Learn Python Online

We have asked an online student who is planning to learn about Data Science and the programming language Python to tell us about his experience.

Trung Kien B. from Vietnam has attended online courses before. For example, he has participated in a course on algorithms offered by the University of California, San Diego via the Coursera platform.Now he wants to refine his skills in the Python programming language with several further online... more


Normal 2018

36 Great New Online Courses for 2018!

At the beginning of the year, many new high-quality online courses for education and training will become available. We have compiled the best courses for you!

At the beginning of each year, many new online courses from various providers and subjects become available.Course providers are launching both new courses and renewed versions of already existing courses.Out of the great diversity of topics, we have compiled the 36 most interesting new... more


Normal medizin

Not Sure What to Learn About Next? Rebecca from Spain Will Learn Online About Medical Topics

We have asked an online student who is planning to learn about first aid and Chinese medicine to tell us about her experience.

Rebecca M. from Spain has attended online courses before. For example, she has participated in a course on Positive Psychology via the Coursera platform.Which Online Courses Does She Want to Do Next?Rebecca would now like to take an online course on first aid offered by the University of Glasgow... more


Normal astrophysics

Free Astrophysics Online Course: Learn About Stars, Galaxies, and Gravity

An online course by Swiss university EPFL explains the key concepts of astrophysics. In our interview, the lead instructor tells us more about the course and why Dark Energy is still a mystery.

What is gravity?For those interested in the study of our universe, this video-based online course gives an introduction to the basics of astrophysics, including concepts such as gravity and its far-reaching influence.The course offers learners an insight into the physical phenomena produced from... more


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Not Sure What to Learn About Next? Della from China Will Learn Online About Literature

We have asked an online student who is planning to learn about literature and ancient mythology to tell us about her experience.

Della L. from China has attended online courses before. For example, she has participated in a course about learning techniques offered by the University of California, San Diego (via Coursera).Which Online Courses Does She Want to Do Next?Della would now like to take an online course on world... more


Normal business

Learn Business Fundamentals Online, From a Leading Business School in Canada

The UBC Sauder School of Business in Vancouver, Canada offers a series of online courses, covering the fundamental aspects of business. They include key concepts of accounting, marketing, organization, and more.

Many jobs today require fundamental business skills to be successful, even in technical and creative industries. When advancing in their careers, employees in various roles thus need to get up to speed with key management concepts such as how to successfully organize and control a... more


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Not Sure What to Learn About Next? Kimberly from the U.S. Will Learn Online About Cyber Security

We have asked an online student who is planning to learn about counterterrorism and cybersecurity to tell us about her experience.

Kimberly H. from the U.S. has attended online courses before. For example, she has learned about medical neuroscience in an online course (MOOC) offered by Duke University via Coursera.Which Online Courses Does She Want to Do Next?Kimberly would now like to take an online course on terrorism and... more


Normal science

Not Sure What To Learn About Next? Aditya from India Will Learn Online About Science

We have asked an online student who is planning to learn about practical data science and science writing to tell us about his experience.

Aditya S. from India has attended online science courses before. For example, he has learned about how music is perceived and processed by the brain in an online course (MOOC) offered by Duke University via Coursera.Which Online Courses Does He Want To Do Next?Aditya would now like to take an... more


Normal web development

Not Sure What To Learn About Next? David from the UK Will Learn Online About Web Development

Learners from all over the world are attending online courses in a broad variety of subjects. We have asked an online student who is planning to learn about web development and SEO to tell us about his experience.

David M. from the UK has attended online courses before. For example, he has learned about search engine optimization (SEO) for beginners on the Udemy platform. He says that he is "a firm believer in online education" and that he plans to do many more online courses.Which Online Courses Does... more


Normal earth mooc

Earth Science Online Course: How Does the Climate System Work?

A MOOC (massive open online course) offered by the University of Manchester explores how the Earth works. With the course, anyone interested in the climate system and global warming can learn the scientific basics online.

The topic of climate change, also known as global warming, is a controversial one and never far from our everyday headlines. In order to understand the details, it is helpful to have an understanding of how air, land, water and life formed and have interacted on Earth for more than 4.5... more


Normal e psychology

E-Psychology: Learn About Wearables in Mental Health Care and Other New Technologies

A free online course (MOOC) by KU Leuven explores the growing use of digital technology in mental health care and psychology. It includes modules on wearables, e-cigarettes, and e-mediation.

With new trends such as wearables to combat mental health disorders, the field of psychology is starting to benefit from digital technology.Belgium´s KU Leuven is ranked as the most innovative university in Europe. It has put together an online course on the edX platform that gives an... more