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Not Sure What to Learn About Next? Trung Kien from Vietnam Will Learn Python Online

We have asked an online student who is planning to learn about Data Science and the programming language Python to tell us about his experience.

Not Sure What to Learn About Next? Trung Kien from Vietnam Will Learn Python Online
Picture: stocksnap/pixabay

Trung Kien B. from Vietnam has attended online courses before. For example, he has participated in a course on algorithms offered by the University of California, San Diego via the Coursera platform.

Now he wants to refine his skills in the Python programming language with several further online courses.

Which Online Courses Does He Want to Do Next?

Trung Kien would now like to take an online course on Python offered by the University of Michigan:

"This course will introduce some basic skills which will help me with basic Python syntax, coding skills and data analysis techniques with Python programming. Based on my other skills in Data Science, I can improve my career path in Data Science. This will open new opportunities to finding an interesting job."

He is also planning to take a course on Python for Genomic Data Science offered by Johns Hopkins University.

"The next course that I would like to take is about Genomic Data Science. From this course, I will learn about some common tools such as the iPython notebook for the development and management of my source code. It also gives me some basic skills in Python language programming. After finishing two courses in Data Science, I strongly believe it will take my career on a new path. This is a good opportunity."

Trung Kien also wants to take another Python course to focus more on the user interface. This one is from Rice University.

"Finally, based on the achievements from the two other courses, I will need to improve the user interface concept. This course will give me a fun introduction to the user interface design with Python through some easy games and funny demos. It will help strengthen my application side skills."

Not Sure What to Learn About Next? Trung Kien from Vietnam Will Learn Python Online

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