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10 Great Online Courses Starting in April

Out of thousands of online courses from our directory, we have selected 10 high-quality courses that are available in April. Topics include data science, social media marketing, the music business, and more.

10 Great Online Courses Starting in April
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Thousands of online courses are available on demand. They can easily be searched in our directory.

Some courses, however, are only available at certain times. Or they were recently added and start for the first time. 

We have selected 10 interesting courses from various providers that are available in April.

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10 Interesting Online Courses 

  • Data Science Overview: This short online course created by IBM gives a quick answer to the question: "What is Data Science?" 

  • Social Media Marketing: This online course from Boston University teaches how to drive social media engagement by linking strategy and tactics and measuring results.

  • Information Processing: A new course on "Information Service Engineering" explores the various methods to get from unstructured data to data that can be processed by machines, including techniques such as natural language processing and linked data engineering.

  • Building Construction: New course series on Udemy, explaining the details of designing and constructing (commercial) buildings. It includes an introduction to foundations, structure, enclosure, roofing, and more.

  • Nanotechnology: An online course from Duke University gives an introduction to nanotechnology tools, and shows how to use this equipment for nano-scale fabrication.

  • Music Business Fundamentals: This introductory course explains the fundamental aspects of the music industry, from recording, publishing, and distribution to legal issues confronting music commerce.

  • Basic First Aid: The University of Glasgow explains fundamental first aid techniques such as helping unconscious patients, helping someone who is choking, or managing acute bleeding.

  • Chinese Medicine: Introduction to Chinese Medicine, including its diagnostic and therapeutic approaches such as acupuncture or Chinese herbs. The course also compares views from Chinese and Western medicine perspectives.

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