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Want to Teach an Online Course? Courseography Matches Instructors With Course Providers

For individual experts, it can be difficult to decide which course provider to work with. A start-up from California tries to solve this problem with its course idea discovery platform.

Want to Teach an Online Course? Courseography Matches Instructors With Course Providers
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Many online instructors are highly regarded experts in their individual subjects. They teach everything, from programming courses to business and lifestyle topics. 

Their courses can quickly reach tens of thousands of learners. But starting out as a freelance instructor for a specific subject matter can be difficult. 

There are well-known providers such as Udemy, Skillshare, or LinkedIn Learning, managing course platforms for individual expert instructors. Many smaller providers exist for specific topics and target groups.

But which provider is the best choice for your personal topic and course? And how much will you earn with each platform?

Courseography is a start-up that matches individual experts with learning providers. Instructors can submit course proposals within a few minutes and will be connected to relevant (online and offline) course providers.

We have interviewed Courseography's founder, Michael Hegglund, to find out more about his platform.

"Instructors Can Submit Simple Course Proposals"

Edukatico: Please explain briefly what Courseography is.

Michael / Courseography: Courseography is a course idea discovery platform designed to connect freelance instructors, subject matter experts, and trainers with companies, schools, and learning providers throughout the global lifelong learning marketplace. 

Instructors who wish to teach a face-to-face or online course simply need to submit a simple course proposal and we’ll help bring learning providers and paid teaching opportunities to you.

The platform is free for instructors, experts, speakers, and trainers. You may submit as many course ideas as you’d like and activate and deactivate them as you wish.

"We Partner with Learning Providers, So Your Course Finds A Home"

Edukatico: What's the key benefit for instructors and for organizations? What's the problem Courseography will solve?

Michael / Courseography: Our goal is to address some of the supply side issues inherent in the lifelong learning marketplace; namely, how do instructors efficiently find both face-to-face and online teaching opportunities that align with how and where they want to teach?

If you’re an expert and want to teach on a topic you’re passionate about, we seek to partner with learning providers and organizations everywhere so your course finds a home and you can earn income wherever you live or travel.

By establishing a deep pipeline of instructors and experts who are willing and ready to offer their courses and training, schools and learning providers are able to schedule programs more quickly, earn revenue, and train their employees and extended learning community in whatever format they need.

Edukatico: Since we are a search portal for online courses, our users are mainly interested in the online learning providers. Many experts know Udemy and Skillshare as platforms for individual instructors. Who are the other important players?

Michael / Courseography: As you well know, the online learning landscape is massive. 

As an online entrepreneur and instructor, there exist numerous places to offer your course. So, how do you make sense of them and determine which one might be right for you? And, most importantly, how much might you be compensated to create and offer your course?

We recently wrote a guide for instructors on some of the major online learning platforms that exist and how instructors might make a living from each of them. [Note: The guide gives further details on Udemy, Teachable, Podia, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare, Pluralsight, and ed2go.]

If you’re asking for our favorite new provider in the space, I’d encourage all instructors to check out, an all-in-one digital platform that allows you to create and sell your courses and products. They’ve built an easy-to-use, beautiful solution. At Courseography, we’ve built our training base of tutorials and courses using their platform.

Want to Teach an Online Course? Courseography Matches Instructors With Course Providers
Screenshot Courseography

A Platform for English-Speaking Instructors, With Further Languages to Come

Edukatico: Courseography is currently offered mainly for English-speaking instructors and experts. Will it also be available in other languages in the future?

Michael / Courseography: We’re a small start-up and our initial focus will be to build our platform in US markets and focus on English-speaking instructors and experts.

Instructors and learning providers from anywhere in the world may utilize our platform, though. 

As we grow, we plan to make it available to users in other languages. Accessibility is an important mission to us and we’ll work to connect as many users as possible to new income-earning opportunities.

Edukatico: Thank you for this overview and all the best for your platform!

[The interview has been redacted.]

For instructors who would like to learn more about how Courseography works, they have created a short introductory course. For a general overview comparing the economics and key details of several well-known course platforms, their Medium article is a good resource. Also, this article contains another useful comparison of providers.

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