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Introduction to HTML and Java: Check Out Our Updated Course Lists!

Many beginners start their coding careers with HTML or Java. We have compiled lists of selected video courses to learn online.

Introduction to HTML and Java: Check Out Our Updated Course Lists!
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HTML is the most popular web language used to design websites. It allows content to be shown on internet pages.

Due to the widespread use and importance of HTML, there are many sources available online to learn the basics with tutorials and comprehensive online courses.

Use HTML to Create Your Own Websites

In our updated HTML list we explain the most important ways to start learning as a beginner. Out of more than 50 HTML courses in our search portal, we present 5 well-known courses in more detail.

Learners often acquire HTML skills together with CSS, which is used for the design and formatting of websites. In our directory, there are of course also various CSS courses.

Many Beginners Start with Java

The significance of the programming language Java is also increasing strongly. Among other things, several million Android apps are based on Java.

Many newcomers therefore start their programming career with Java. In many Computer Science university classes, Java is introduced as a first programming language.

Our updated Java overview shows how to get started with tutorials, coding boot camps and online courses.

The list includes well-known international Java courses with thousands of online learners from all over the world.

Additional Programming Courses

In addition to these two well-known languages, in our CS directory you will also find courses on Python, PHP and other coding languages.

And if you´re looking for coding courses by subject (not by language), also check out our course lists on web development / web design and Artificial Intelligence.

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