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Learning HTML: It’s Easy Online

Countless HTML courses are available on the internet. Let's explore 3 different ways to learn the most important web design language online.

Learning HTML: It’s Easy Online
Pictures: josborne, vanmarciano/pixabay

The web language HTML is used to design websites.

Basic HTML knowledge can usually be acquired quickly. Many participants are already successful after a few days (or even hours). 

HTML is an abbreviation of Hypertext Markup Language. It is needed, for example, to structure content such as this text so that it can be displayed online.

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HTML for Websites

HTML is always needed when information is displayed on the internet (in the World Wide Web, as shown in your browser.)

(Tip: If you right-click and select "source page", you can see the HTML version of any website.)

So HTML allows content to be shown on internet pages. There would be no websites without HTML!

Please note: In addition to pure content, the formatting and design also play an important role. These are done using the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

Because both HTML and CSS are so important, they are often taught at the same time. CSS is also included in many HTML courses, sometimes together with JavaScript (which makes websites dynamic).

Learning HTML: It’s Easy Online

Option 1: Basic Text Instructions

Online instructions about HTML have been available ever since the internet was created. They are mostly found in text form and sometimes, they are supplemented by pictures and slides.

The principle is very simple: You read the instructions and try to grasp everything as well as you can. It´s similar to reading a book on the topic.

For example, a well-known HTML guide is "Learn-HTML". It has been around for more than 10 years. 

Pro: Yes, it is actually possible to learn HTML like that!

Con: The design is rather simple and there is a lot of text. Modern online tutorials are quite different in comparison. Also, you won´t get a certificate.

Option 2: YouTube Tutorials

In recent years, there has been a boom in the number of YouTube tutorials. This is a bit more interesting than pure text documents because of the video format. On the other hand, it can be difficult to find a reputable and high-quality source. Anyone can become a YouTube teacher these days.

One example is the tutorial by Quentin Watt. It gives basic information about HTML in 50 short videos.

Pro: Often created by active HTML developers in a simple language that every learner can understand.

Con: No professional teachers, therefore the quality varies greatly! Also, it is not possible to get a certificate. 

Option 3: Full Video Courses

If you´re looking for a thorough learning experience, you will find numerous comprehensive video courses.

These are comparatively high-quality and allow you to build a solid basic knowledge about HTML. In most cases, the most up-to-date HTML 5 version is taught. Because of the course format, you can discuss questions and possibly even receive a (paid) certificate. But the courses are longer and require investing some more time.

5 examples of HTML video courses from our directory:


Are there costs involved?

Certificate available?



HTML with Udemy



9 chapters, around 5 hours of video lessons

A quick and efficient beginners´ course.

HTML with Codecademy



8 lessons

Project-based course with a lot of coding.

HTML with edX

No (only for an optional certificate)

Yes (optional)

6 weeks

Comprehensive course with professional lecturers and  certificate.

HTML with Udacity



3 weeks

Less focused on syntax, works with practical examples.

HTML with Coursera

No (only for an optional certificate)

Yes (optional)

3 weeks

Short but professional introductory course for beginners.

Pro: Professional and high-quality courses that sometimes include a certificate or statement of participation.

Con: You have to be willing to undertake a certain minimum effort to complete a full course.

Intro video for the edX course.

Want to Learn More Than Just HTML?

  • Do you plan to further educate yourself about web design and become a web developer? ("Learn Web Development With Online Courses").
  • In this course series, you can learn how to become a full-stack web developer and build multiplatform mobile app solutions. Some prior HTML knowledge is required for this course.

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