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36 Great New Online Courses for 2018!

At the beginning of the year, many new high-quality online courses for education and training will become available. We have compiled the best courses for you!

36 Great New Online Courses for 2018!
Picture: weevinz/pixabay

At the beginning of each year, many new online courses from various providers and subjects become available.

Course providers are launching both new courses and renewed versions of already existing courses.

Out of the great diversity of topics, we have compiled the 36 most interesting new video courses for you.

(You can find all 7,000+ online courses from 22 subject areas in our search portal.)

36 Selected Online Courses in 2018

Computer Science, Internet

1. Coding languages overview (Udemy): Programming For Beginners: How To Choose Your First Language

2. Artificial intelligence (Microsoft, edX): Essential Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence

3. Internet of things (Microsoft, edX): Introduction to Device Programming

4. Bitcoin and Blockchain (Udemy): Full Cryptocurrency Course

5. Excel VBA programming (University of Colorado, Coursera): Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving

6. Chatbots (Udemy): How to create a Chatbot

7. Amazon Alexa (Codecademy): Introduction to Alexa

8. SEM, Adwords (Udacity): Google Adwords Nanodegree

9. Front-end web development (Udemy): Learn Front End Web Development With JavaScript

10. Cybersecurity (University of Maryland, Coursera): Cybersecurity Specialization

11. Intro to supercomputers (FutureLearn): Supercomputing

Business, Economics, Social Sciences

12. Startups (Michigan State University, Coursera): The Search for Great Ideas

13. Microeconomics (Caltech, edX): Principles of Economics with Calculus

14. Accounting, Excel (Udemy): Financial Accounting & Excel

15. Capitalism (Princeton University, edX): Global History of Capitalism

16. Corporate finance (University of Melbourne, Coursera): Essentials of Corporate Finance

17. Social media (Curtin University, edX): How Media Got Social

18. Intercultural studies (University of Leeds, FutureLearn): Introduction to Intercultural Studies

19. Europe (University of Groningen, FutureLearn): European Culture and Politics

20. Intro to psychology (University of Toronto, Coursera): Introduction to Psychology

21. Work psychology (University of Western Australia, Coursera): Psychology at Work

22. Job interviews (University of Maryland, Coursera): Advanced Interviewing Techniques

23. Intro to philosophy (University of Edinburgh, Coursera): Introduction to Philosophy

Science, Technology

24. Science practice (University of Leiden, Coursera): On Being a Scientist

25. Plasma physics (EPFL Lausanne, edX): Plasma Physics: Introduction

26. Particle physics (University of Edinburgh, FutureLearn): The Discovery of the Higgs Boson

27. Electric vehicles (ParisTech, Coursera): Electric Vehicles and Mobility

28. Electronics (Georgia Institute of Technology, Coursera): Introduction to Electronics

29. Project management and finance (TU Delft, edX): Management and Financing of Engineering Projects

30. Wind energy (TU Danmark, Coursera): Wind Energy

31. Architectural drawing (Udemy): Architectural Technical Drawing 101

32. Robotics (University of Reading, FutureLearn): Begin Robotics

33. Intro to astronomy (Open University, FutureLearn): In the Night Sky: Orion

Other Topics

34. Photography (Udemy): Portrait Photography for Beginners

35. Blues music (University of Rochester, Coursera): The Blues: Understanding and Performing an American Art Form

36. Catalonia (University of Barcelona, FutureLearn): Getting to Know Catalonia: An Introduction to the Catalan Language, Culture and Society

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