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New Online Courses in February (from Universities, Boot Camps and Digital Experts)

Below is a list of 20 new video courses from different providers that are available in February. Topics include Computer Science, Business, Engineering, and more.

New Online Courses in February (from Universities, Boot Camps and Digital Experts)
Picture: georgsatzinger/pixabay

Many new online courses are being launched in February. The courses come from various providers and universities.

We have evaluated the broad range of topics and list some interesting courses below.

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Computer Science

  • Data Science: There is a new intensive course series on Data Science for beginners from online coding boot camp Codecademy. It includes fundamental topics like data visualization, statistics, and SQL.
  • Harvard's Intro to CS: The original "CS50" introductory course to computer science already had well over 1 million online learners. Now the famous Harvard course is also available in a new version for learners with a business background (free to learn).
  • Web Design and User Interface (UI): This new online course series provides a comprehensive introduction to web design and UI design over 8 weeks.
  • Big Data for Companies: In this new course, TU Delft examines how Big Data affects companies and what the opportunities are. The course is positioned at the interface of Computer Science and Business.


  • Intrapreneurship: Is it possible to create an entrepreneurial spirit in large companies? OpenHPI offers a new MOOC about start-up projects within organizations.
  • Retail and Omnichannel Management: A new online course series from Dartmouth College teaches how to forecast sales, manage inventory and support a successful omnichannel strategy.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: How can diversity and inclusion be implemented in the workplace? And what are the implications? Find out in this course from ESSEC Business School. 
  • Private Equity / Venture Capital: An expert in Private Equity and Venture Capital teaches the fundamental concepts in an online course at Coursera. This includes an analysis of how funds work and what the key legal and tax issues are.


  • Flying Cars: Forget self-driving cars. Udacity is now launching the next futuristic project in this online program: flying vehicles!
  • CAD: This new course series at Coursera focuses on Computer-Aided Design (CAD) with Autodesk and advanced digital production methods. The courses can also be taken individually.
  • Automotive Technology Course Series: From the end of February, a new comprehensive course series covering various aspects of automotive technology will be available. Topics range from electric and hybrid vehicles to autonomous driving and road safety. The courses are provided by Chalmers University and can also be taken individually and free of charge (if you donĀ“t need a course certificate).
  • Intro to Electronics: An online course from Georgia Tech that re-starts in February introduces students to the basic components of electronics, such as diodes and transistors.

Further Selected Topics

  • Architecture with Mario Botta: In this new online course at FutureLearn, the well-known Swiss architect explains his understanding of architecture. The course is also suitable for beginners and is free to learn.
  • Global Migration: What are the causes for migration? What is the connection to globalization? Well-known French university Sciences Po discusses these questions in a new MOOC at Coursera.
  • Treating Disease with Lifestyle Medicine: This new video course at edX explores how chronic diseases such as diabetes or obesity can be treated with "Lifestyle Medicine" (e.g. with dietary change).
  • Humanism: What is humanism? What are key humanistic values? A new course at course platform FutureLearn gives a comprehensive introduction over 3 weeks (free to learn).
  • Jazz Improvisation: This jazz improvisation course has been available since January (via FutureLearn). Participants of the course should already have basic piano skills.
  • Sustainable Energy: The basics of current energy production as well as the required changes are covered in a course from Pennsylvania State University. The course also includes a discussion of global warming and climate change.   
  • The Psychology of Sensation Seeking: The constant search for new sensations and thrills seems to become ever more popular. A psychology professor from Emory University explores the psychological background in his new online course.
  • Neurobiology in Everyday Life: A neurobiology course explores how the nervous system and our brain function in everyday life. The course from the University of Chicago also discusses related problems and behaviors that can occur.

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