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New Online Courses Starting in August

Many free online courses are being launched during the summer months. Learning is free with courses from these leading universities from six countries!

New Online Courses Starting in August
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The digital leaders of higher education often spend several months developing new video courses for students, professionals, and lifelong learners.

This often results in high quality online courses that also enable learners to take additional exams and get certificates.

In general, learning with these courses is completely free. Only the optional certificates require payment of a fee. (Note: Sometimes the free version is hidden behind a small Audit button during the registration process!)

The following list contains a selection of interesting courses that start in August.

Courses are from universities in the U.S., Britain, Germany, Australia, South Africa and the Netherlands.

(More courses are available in our search portal.)

  • Python Programming: The University of Michigan has created this popular beginner's course with Coursera, which re-starts in August. (course details)
  • Six Sigma: German university TU Munich has created this course series, which gives an introduction to Six Sigma and Lean Production. Registration for the individual courses is free. (course details)
  • Introduction to Microeconomics: In this course, renowned MIT gives an introduction to the basic principles of microeconomics. (course details)
  • Intro to Psychology: Australian Monash University analyzes the history and scientific methods of psychology. The course is part of a longer series. (course details)
  • Astronomy: Harvard University gives an introduction to exoplanets and the search for extraterrestrial life in this MOOC (massive open online course). (course details)
  • Human Resources: British industry association CIPD gives an overview of the role and function of the HR department in companies via FutureLearn. (course details)
  • Cancer Medicines: A team of instructors from the University of Leeds (UK) explains how cancer chemotherapy works. (course details)
  • Mass Extinctions: The University of Cape Town (South Africa) has created this video course, which analyzes the five most important mass extinctions of the past and their relation to the present. (course details)
  • Excel VBA: The University of Colorado's online course provides an introduction to VBA programming for use in Excel applications. (course details)
  • Math Skills for Data Science: Duke University lets you refresh the mathematical foundations needed for data science applications. (course details)
  • Quantum Computers: How does a quantum computer work? What are its technical and scientific building blocks? The University of Delft (Netherlands) explains everything in this free online course. (course details)

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