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E-Learning for Companies: The Top Providers

Many online course providers have special offers for businesses. But who are the key providers of ready-made corporate e-learning courses?

E-Learning for Companies: The Top Providers
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More and more companies are using external online courses to train their employees.

This does not necessarily require their staff to click through dull presentation slides any more.

Today, various learning platforms offer high-quality courses based on modern video content and in-course interaction.

Below, we present an overview of the 6 most important e-learning providers for companies of all types – from medium-sized to large organizations.

Please note:

  1. This guide is intended for companies who want to use existing courses! In the areas of IT, business, and soft skills, there are already many good training courses available.
  2. Many firms report that video-based content is strongly favored by their staff. ("What Is E-Learning?")
  3. Several course platforms are providing training courses to organizations around the world. These courses are mainly offered in English, with some further languages available.
  4. Providers often offer significant volume discount. The larger the number of employees, the better the prices that can be negotiated.
  5. The providers listed below offer standard course content. While this is suitable for many training objectives, you can get in touch here regarding individual content production.

1. Coursera

The world's largest platform for online courses from universities and other institutions. Some courses have already exceeded one million enrolled learners. (Coursera courses)

For companies, Coursera for Business offers access to their professional learning portal. LMS integration is available upon request. You can compile courses for your employees yourself or with the help of Coursera experts. Learning analytics tools can be used to evaluate the learning behavior based on data reports.

There are various pricing plans available (Basic / Team / Enterprise), starting at approximately $100 per user per year for small businesses. For larger companies, individual agreements can be negotiated. Reference customers include L'Oréal, Philips, Infosys and Pfizer.

2. EdX

EdX is well-known for its high-quality video courses from top U.S. universities such as Harvard and MIT. It is the only non-profit organization among the major course providers. (EdX courses)

With edX for Business, thousands of courses are accessible to corporate customers. Similar to Coursera, courses can be integrated with your own Learning Management System and in-depth learning analytics data is available. Price quotes need to be requested and negotiated individually.

3. FutureLearn

The most important European provider of online courses based in the United Kingdom. Part of Open University, the largest distance learning university in Britain. (FutureLearn courses)

Their corporate business (FutureLearn Workplace Learning) is still in its infancy. Most customers are headquartered in their home market in England, such as the retail chain Marks & Spencer. Prices need to be requested individually.

E-Learning for Companies: The Top Providers

4. Udemy

Unlike the three course platforms mentioned above, content at Udemy does not come from universities, but from independent experts in their respective fields. (Udemy courses)

Learning and development departments will find the relevant content at Udemy for Business. Here, companies can get access to the 2,500 most relevant training courses from the Udemy range. There are different pricing plans (Team / Enterprise / Nonprofit) from about $240 per user per year for companies up to 20 employees. Reference customers include Apple, PayPal, Volkswagen and Adidas.

5. Skillshare

Skillshare offers a large number of short, practical video lessons (often less than an hour long). It's not so much about lengthy educational courses, but more about instantly adding specific skills needed for day-to-day tasks. (Skillshare courses)

With Skillshare for Teams, organizations can choose from over 15,000 short video lessons, starting at $99 per user per year for small businesses. Reference customers include Disney, Adobe and Virgin Media.

6. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning evolved from and other predecessor platforms. It uses insights from its professional network about the skills that are in high demand among employers.

With LinkedIn Learning for Companies, it provides learning content that is intended to close the skills gap between existing and required skills. Prices need to be agreed individually. Interested organizations can test the available functions with a free demo version.

Coursera for Business: customer statements

Our conclusion:

  • Existing video courses can be used for many standard learning objectives of employee training in the IT and business environment.
  • In addition to providing the educational content, centrally administered data analytics of employees' learning activities is also included in most enterprise packages.
  • The large English-language platforms (Coursera, edX & Co.) may also be interesting for the more highly qualified staff of international companies. Many multinational organizations already use these training resources.
  • Prices can vary greatly depending on the course provider and size of your company. Comparing and negotiating may pay off!
  • If you would like to create your own individual course content despite all the existing courses, you can get in touch here.

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