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Free Online Lectures: All Subjects And Universities!

Our directory lists 800+ online lectures from colleges and universities in 22 subject areas. You don’t have to be enrolled to study online – and it’s free!

Free Online Lectures: All Subjects And Universities!
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Hundreds of online lectures are already listed in our directory (search all the lectures here).

You can filter lectures by subject or language and directly start your free learning with high-quality university lessons.

Below is a short overview of the available classes and institutions.

This Is How An Online Lecture Works

It’s simple:

  • The professor records his or her live lecture on video.
  • You can watch the lectures even if you’re not an enrolled student.
  • A lecture series typically consists of 10-20 videos (one university term).
  • You can access the lectures at any time and at your one pace.
  • There are no tests, exams, or certificates.

(Note that there are 10x more online courses than recorded online lectures, and most courses offer certificates. See further below.)

Video Lectures By Subject Area

Here, we list recordings of live university lectures. All other courses are available in our directory!

  • Most online lectures are from the field of Computer Science. Students and faculty in this field are familiar with digital technology and online learning. Content ranges from programming to theoretical concepts. (discover the CS lectures)
  • Another subject with many lectures is Business and Management. This also includes various economics lessons. (discover the Business lectures
  • Mathematics and Statistics also shows various e-learning lectures. You will find introductory courses as well as more advanced topics. (discover the Maths/Statistics lectures)
  • Further science content is covered in Physics and Engineering. MIT is an institution with many freely accessible lectures in these subjects. (discover the Physics and Engineering lectures)
  • Various interesting lectures are available in the area of Arts and Culture. Some international universities offer their content in these subjects in English. (discover the Arts lectures
  • Other popular areas of online learning (Social Sciences, Medicine, Law, and others) only have few high-quality video lectures. We recommend checking out other online courses in these subjects.

Note that e-lectures let you study from home, but they cannot replace going to class if you’re an on-campus student.

Video lecture from a Yale University philosophy class:

What’s The Difference Between Online Lectures And Online Courses? 

Online lectures are recorded during a live session and uploaded to the Internet.

MOOCs and other online courses are specifically designed for online learning, offering further features:

  •  Online interaction: Not available for video lectures, but MOOCs offer discussion forums for students and instructors.
  •  Exams: Many online courses offer tests for learners to check their progress.
  •  Certificates: MOOC students can purchase optional certificates (Are the certificates worth it?).
  •  Costs: While online lectures are free, some online courses are fee-based (How to find the best free courses).

(Search all 8,000+ online courses and lectures in our directory.)

Free Online Lectures: All Subjects And Universities!

What Are The Most Active Universities? 

Colleges and universities started uploading lectures to YouTube from approximately 2007. 

With the rise of MOOC platforms such as Coursera and edX, most universities have now switched to producing dedicated online courses.

Active U.S. providers of online lectures are MIT OpenCourseWare and Yale University. UC Berkeley has deleted its free video content due to legal reasons.

In India, the leading provider is government-run NPTEL, which offers lectures from various IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) mostly for the domestic market.

International universities in general offer more recorded video content than online courses. One example are German universities.

If you are a university student, your institution might offer you additional private lecture recordings that are not generally accessible to the public.

Can You Get An Academic Degree Online? 

Many universities worldwide offer full academic distance learning programs, and some of them are taught online. However, these programs are not free! 

In recent years, the leading online course platforms have introduced more affordable online degrees. These can be found, for example, at Coursera, edX, and FutureLearn

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