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Learn Programming Online: Which Courses and Providers Exist?

There are countless MOOCs and online courses that help you learn independently how to program. We show you 20 courses and tutorials on the most popular programming languages!

Learn Programming Online: Which Courses and Providers Exist?
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Frequently it is a matter of dispute which programming language you should learn first. Everyone has their own preferences and popularities are always changing. 

But one thing is clear: Some classics among the programming languages consistently rank high. 

Among the most popular programming languages are Java, C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, and Ruby. Click here for a current ranking. 

In addition to the programming languages there is HTML for the creation of websites. (Jump directly to the HTML courses in our directory.)

List of programming online courses

Below you find 20 online courses and MOOCs about all relevant coding languages. The courses are in English. Most courses are available free of charge. You can purchase a certificate. 

A quick note for beginners: What is programming?

If you are absolutely new to coding, this free online course by Khan Academy will give you a first impression of coding. 

You get a quick overview about the most popular programming languages in this short video. 

Scratch offers you a fast and hands-on route into programming. Programming logic is made visible which is handy. Scratch was originally developed for children and youngsters.

Language 1: Java

Java is a platform independent language that is used for computer programs, backend of websites, android apps, and game programming with LibGDX. It belongs to the standard syllabus of computer study degrees. 

  • Java Programming Basics: Basic training in Java by Udacity. Course duration is 6 weeks. For total beginners.
  • You find further Java MOOCs and online courses in our comprehensive directory

  • Language 2: Python

    It is a versatile, dynamic language which is often used as a script language. Python is frequently used for the backend of websites and increasingly plays a role in data science. It is used by many beginners as an entry into programming. 

    Language 3: C

    A very common language with many areas of application. Among others in the system programming for operating systems and in industry. It is the basis for various other programming languages. 

  • C Programming – Getting Started: Programming MOOC by Dartmouth College on edX (available free of charge in the basic version without certificate).
  • Introduction to Programming in C: Comprehensive course series by Duke University on Coursera

  • Language 4: C++

    An extension of the language C (classes and objects), use in system programming and application programming. 

  • C++ for Programmers: Course by Udacity for learners with some coding experience. 
  • Introduction to C++: Microsoft course on the edX platform, free learning is possible.
  • C++ for C Programmers: Free programming MOOC by the University of California, Santa Cruz on Coursera for participants with some previous knowledge about C. 
  • C++ on Pluralsight: Detailed course series for all levels of difficulty, from beginner to professional.

  • Language 5: C# (C-Sharp)

    C# (a further development of C++) is an object-oriented programming language for many coding applications. It is also used in game development with the Unity Engine and app development with android and iOS with Xamarin. 

  • C# lernen: Short introductory course on LinkedIn Learning (payment scheme).
  • C# programmieren: Udemy programming online course with about 70 video lectures. Suitable for beginners. 
  • Learn C#: Online track by Treehouse with varying difficulty levels. 
  • C# bei Pluralsight: Programming online course series with subtitles for beginners and pros.
  • C# Programming for Unity: This course series by Coursera (University of Colorado) focuses on game programming. No prior knowledge required.

  • Other programming languages

    There are other programming languages apart from those already discussed, for example Visual Basic (VBA), R, Kotlin (for Android), Swift (for iOS), Perl, Matlab, or others.

    You find the corresponding online courses by using the search field in our directory

    Learn Programming Online: Which Courses and Providers Exist?

    Things to Consider When Selecting Courses 

    The order in which we presented the above online courses does not imply any rank ordering. Preferably, you compare multiple courses for your purpose. 

    Key criteria are: 

    • Does your prior knowledge match the level of difficulty of the course?
    • Are there tests and certificates? 
    • Course duration and total length?
    • Language of instruction? If your first language is not English: Subtitles? 
    • Are there costs involved? (In case of monthly access fees: Periods of notice?)

    Often, there are free previews on the course websites so that you can gain an impression of the lecturers and the teaching style.

    You can pose your questions about individual programming languages in online discussion forums such as Quora.

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