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The Best Youtube Channels for Children

Youtube can be a wonderful source of knowledge for your child. Surprisingly, we found that Youtube channels for children are often better than fee-based online courses available elsewhere on the internet.

The Best Youtube Channels for Children
Picture: Nicolagiordano/Pixabay

Online learning is much talked about. Youtube offers amazing learning videos for children of all age groups. If used prudently, Youtube can be a wonderful source of knowledge for kids. Surprisingly, we found that Youtube channels for children are often better than fee-based online courses available elsewhere on the internet. 

These are our favorite Youtube channels for children:

The Brain Scoop

The online video series teaches kids about zoology in a fun and engaging way. It is filmed at Chicago Field Museum. Science journalist Emily Grasly has received widespread acclaim for her engaging and accessible style of presenting knowledge which makes The Brain Scoop enjoyable for children and adults alike. (Visit The Brain Scoop on Youtube.)

It's Okay to Be Smart

This award-winning science education channel on Youtube excels at making learning entertaining for children. What is it like to drink a coffee in space? Do fish pee? Is sugar a drug? Joe Hanson, PhD, explains the big and small mysteries of the universe in a way that is both scientific and easy to understand. The videos are spiced up with beautifully made animations and interviews with experts such as astronauts. (Visit It's Okay to Be Smart on Youtube.)


The SciShow started as a Youtube Original Channel, but now finances itself through voluntary contributions by viewers via Patreon. It comes in four versions:

  • SciShow: it is hosted by the two video bloggers Hank Green and Michaela Aranda and covers topics such as natural sciences, nutrition and computer science. (Visit SciShow on Youtube.)
  • SciShow Kids: this channel aims at younger children. One episode that we would like to recommend is Happy Birthday, Sir Isaak Newton! A disadvantage of SciShow for Kids is that advertisement is shown at the beginning of each video. The advertisement is not even geared at children. (Visit SciShow Kids on Youtube.)
  • SciShow Space: What is the shape of the universe? Where can we find water in space? Why can't the universe be totally explained by physics? SciShow Space explores the secrets of the universe in a few minutes at a time. We consider it suitable for older children. (Visit SciShow Space on Youtube.)
  • SciShow Psych: this channel teaches young learners about different areas of psychology. Can you really change your personality? Why do we still teach Sigmund Freud? Can positive thinking backfire? Visit the channel of SciShow Psych to find out! (Visit SciShow Psych on Youtube.)


TED-Ed is run by the same nonprofit that organizes the TED Talks. Its website contains hundreds of video-based lessons and series. The variety of topics is big. The videos can be watched on their own or used and edited to complement existing lessons at school. They can also be a valuable resource for homeschooling. 

TED-Ed even gives teachers and students the opportunity to record their own lessons. The website provides technical support for that. (Visit TED-Ed on Youtube. Continue to the TED-Ed website here.)

San Diego Zoo Kids

The Youtube channel of the San Diego Zoo features a wide array of animal species. A nice feature is that some of the videos are narrated by kid hosts. The show leaves the viewer immediately wanting to see more. (Visit San Diego Zoo Kids on Youtube.)

In this video on Sea Turtle Rescue, kid host Mia presents the topic of conservation and compassion for animals


KidsTV123 provides educational songs for toddlers. It teaches about animal sounds, colors, numbers, planets and the universe. The songs - written and performed by A. J. Jenkins - are very cute. (Visit KidsTV123 on Youtube.)

TVO Kids

TVO Kids is a show produced by TVOntario, so it is actually not a "real" Youtube channel. The series follows the Ontario curriculum. The quality is very high and the show hosts are fun and engaging. We particularly enjoyed the Wild Kratts Show. It is about the brothers Chris and Martin Kratt who travel the world, help animals in distress and experience all sorts of exotic adventures. (Visit TVO Kids on Youtube.)

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