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Andrew Ng Starts New Deep Learning Courses With Coursera

One of the world's leading experts in Artificial Intelligence wants to make his knowledge accessible to every learner. With this new online course program, he might succeed.

Andrew Ng Starts New Deep Learning Courses With Coursera
Picture: Screenshot/Coursera

Andrew Ng is a professor at Stanford and previously worked as an expert in Artificial Intelligence with Google and Chinese technology company Baidu. When he recently left Baidu, the company┬┤s market value shrank by more than 1 billion US dollars.

As a founder of Coursera, he was also one of the pioneers of modern online courses in the MOOC format (more about MOOCs).

With his legendary first online course on Machine Learning, more than 1.8 million participants were able to gain a basic understanding of this important technology.

Deep Learning for any Online Learner

In his new course series "Deep Learning", Andrew Ng now wants to enable learners worldwide to get a comprehensive learning experience. Through his Deep Learning Institute (, he offers the program on the MOOC platform Coursera.

The new Coursera Specialization is now open for enrollment (go to the courses).

The expert sees the impact of Artificial Intelligence to be as revolutionary as the discovery of electricity. He therefore invites learners: "Join me to build an AI-powered society"!

What exactly is included in the Deep Learning Specialization?

5 Online Courses Over Several Months

  • The Specialization consists of five individual video-based online courses (MOOCs), each lasting 3-4 weeks. Overall, you should therefore expect several months of about 5 hours study time per week.
  • The content includes learning about neural networks, setting up a professional machine learning project and  various practical examples, e.g. self-driving cars or speech recognition.
  • The course series is classified as "for beginners" at Coursera. However, for learners without any previous knowledge in programming the courses might be quite demanding. You should at least have some prior basic knowledge of coding.
  • If you want to complete the entire course series, you need to enroll in the Specialization. That will cost you around 50 USD / month (with a free trial period of 7 days). This will also give you the opportunity to receive a certificate upon successful completion of the courses.
  • Anyone who wants to attend only some of the five online courses and who does not need a certificate can also learn for free. To do so, you need to enroll in each individual MOOC and choose the "Audit" option without a certificate (please check the Coursera website for details).

(Go to the Deep Learning course series.)

Are There Other Possibilities for Learning About AI?

On the subject of Artificial Intelligence and its sub-topics Machine Learning and Deep Learning, there are many high-quality video courses.

An overview of selected online courses on the topic can be found in a separate article ("Learn AI Programming").

In this article, you will find introductory courses, further comprehensive course series and special courses on selected expert topics.

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