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The Edukatico Learning Schedule: 10 Selected Online Courses in October!

Below is a list of 10 selected video courses from different providers that start in October. Available topics include investment banking, electric cars, Chinese medicine and many more.

The Edukatico Learning Schedule: 10 Selected Online Courses in October!
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Many new high-quality online courses from various providers and universities are being launched in October. Having evaluated the range of courses, we list a selection below.

Most of the video courses are offered as MOOCs (massive open online courses), which means you can usually learn for free ("How does a MOOC work?").

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10 Selected Online Courses in October:

  • Virtual Reality: You can learn how to program VR scenarios as a developer in this course series by the University of London. At the end of the course you will create your own virtual reality game. (Note: You can register for the individual MOOCs of the series free of charge in the "Audit" track). 
  • Agile Development: Many digital products are being created according to agile development and design thinking principles. A new online course by the University of Virginia gives an introduction to these methods.
  • Electric Cars: This online course on the edX platform shows how the technology of batteries and fuel cells works. Over the course of 6 weeks, the development of electric cars and the underlying technology will be dealt with in detail.
  • C++: The online course "C++ for Programmers" gives an introduction to the programming language. (Note: Participants should already be familiar with another programming language.)
  • Mediation: Business conflicts are often settled through mediation processes in order to develop a solution as efficiently as possible. The video course by ESSEC Business School explains the basics of mediation. Case studies from the business world and from international conflicts round off the course. 
  • Income Distribution: Minimum wages, inequality and fair income are often discussed in politics. Various experts from international organizations will explain the details in this new online course
  • Investment Banking: Over the course of 22 hours of video lessons, this new course by online professor and former Goldman Sachs expert Chris Haroun covers financial models, company valuation and related topics of the investment world. The professional use of Excel is also part of the course.
  • FinTech: An increasing number of young digital companies are challenging established financial services providers within their core areas. A new MOOC by Copenhagen Business School provides an introduction to the digital transformation of the financial system. There is also an extensive course series on the same topic. 
  • Chinese Medicine: Anyone who wants to learn how herbal products, acupuncture and other elements of Chinese medicine work can find out more in this online course by the University of Hong Kong.
  • Practical Problems with Artificial Intelligence: The new video course by Microsoft (in collaboration with Seattle University) explores the ethical and legal questions that can arise when large quantities of data are processed and analyzed.

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