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The Edukatico Learning Schedule: 10 Free Online Courses in July!

Below is a list of 10 free video courses from reputable universities you can take in July. Including courses on Programming, Business Strategy, Nutrition and much more.

The Edukatico Learning Schedule: 10 Free Online Courses in July!
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Each month, many high-quality online courses from various course providers are being launched. Many of these courses can be accessed for free. (Please note that for most courses, optional exams/certificates are available for a fee.)

Below is a list of 10 selected online courses in different subject areas. These are courses that we think look promising for online learners who are interested in good quality courses! 

Most of the courses are offered as MOOCs (massive open online courses). ("How does a MOOC work?")

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10 Selected Online Courses in July:

  • Nutrition Basics: Learn about the components of food and how it is processed by the body in this free course from UK´s Open University (via FutureLearn). The course explores the basic science behind nutrition, including the digestive system and how much energy is extracted from food.
  • Java Programming: Course provider Udacity gives a free introduction to Java Programming in this new course, which was created together with experts from Google. No prior programming experience is required, so this course could be the first step in your journey to becoming a Java developer! 
  • Machine Learning: One of the most popular MOOCs is this video course about Machine Learning by Stanford University (via Coursera). It is taught by Professor Andrew Ng, who was head of the Artificial Intelligence Group at Baidu and was one of the pioneers of modern MOOCs.
  • Journalism: Learn about how journalism can effect social change in this MOOC by UC Berkeley (via edX). It is meant for learners who want to explore how trustworthy journalism can actually have a positive impact on society.
  • Negotiation: In this online course, an experienced professor of Law and Business at the University of Michigan explains the key ingredients for a successful negotiation: Preparation, Negotiation Tactics, Closing the Deal and Performing the Agreement.
  • Geology: If you´re looking for an easy introduction on the topic without having any prior knowledge, this course hosted by FutureLearn may be suitable for you. The course explores various facts about the Earth’s natural resources.
  • Bitcoin: Learn the details about cryptocurrency technologies in this video course by Princeton University. The course covers all technical details of Bitcoins and related concepts.
  • Business Strategy: This online course by the University of Munich has already had hundreds of thousands of participants globally. The MOOC explores the fundamentals of how companies should behave in a competitive environment.
  • Real Estate: Australia´s Deakin University shows what influences property values in this online course. The course is for beginners who want to explore the property market, either as a buyer or an investor, or in a professional role.
  • Data Analysis in Life Sciences: Harvard University teaches how matrix algebra can be applied to analyzing data in life sciences in this intermediate-level MOOC. The course is part of a series but can also be taken as a standalone course (participants should be familiar with the R programming language).

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